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Where you get TLC for your legal needs!

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Trosclair Law Center is TLC for your legal needs.

Focusing on Criminal Defense and Family Law matters, Trosclair Law Center follows a client centered approach to your legal needs. This means that you get a dedicated, compassionate, affordable attorney that fights for you and your rights. Attorney Kathy Lynn Trosclair offers legal representation in San Joaquin County, as well as the surrounding counties of Stanislaus, Merced, Alameda, Tuolumne, Contra Costa, Solano, Yolo, and Sacramento.

At Trosclair Law Center, you are more than just a case number or a billable hour. You deserve to be heard and to receive individual attention for your specific needs. When you want a criminal defense attorney or family law attorney that cares, call Trosclair Law Center and get your legal TLC!

We offer no-cost initial consultations, same day appointments for criminal defense matters and urgent family law matters (for example, restraining orders and temporary emergency orders for custody), and a dedicated attorney that will listen to you. At Trosclair Law Center, TLC is more than our name, it's our mission.


  • Family Law: Few things in life ignite raw emotions more than ending a marriage, negotiating a visitation schedule for children, or enforcing a spousal or child support order. Trosclair Law Center will give your case the respect, dignity, and compassion that it deserves.
  • Criminal Defense: Whether you are arrested for a DUI, a drug offense, a violent felony, or any other criminal act, talk to Attorney Trosclair before you talk to the police, an investigator, or the District Attorney. You have rights! Let Trosclair Law Center fight for justice for you!